About TNIU

Globally Delivering Educational Needs 

The New International University is a unique, global institution with low direct and minimal fixed costs providing quality, cutting-edge and faith-based curriculum and programs. TNIU focuses on developing leaders in transformation, global Christian theology, business focused on positive social change, and entrepreneurial education via proven mixed-delivery and Internet platforms. 

At TNIU, we see education as the new missions frontier. We believe that Christian Values-based education is the most effective way to impact leaders, nations, and the world.

TNIU Strengths and Assets

  • Cost-efficient programs for Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctors Degrees

  • Well qualified and established faculty, from around the globe, who are focused on student success 

  • Online delivery of education

  • Global Student Body

  • Connections and networks to develop educational sites in countries around the world

2014 Graduation (Chang Shou Meng, Dr. Gabriella van Breda, major leader of Chinese church movement,* Dr. Wess Pinkham & Dr. Peter van Breda). *Identity protected due to persecution.


The New International University strengthens leaders who steward resources with and for all people and places, by means of contextual, Christian-based higher education innovatively delivered throughout the world.



TNIU looks beyond itself to embody the commonly held vision of an international network. TNIU serves and is served by a global network of leaders and partners in whom the vision is shaped; it includes the following key components: strengthening experienced and emerging transformational leaders, connecting international Christian leaders for the advancement of the Gospel, distributing Kingdom resources, providing perspective and values education, creating lasting partnerships, democratizing education, and utilizing innovative technology.